Water purification system

AkaNova is a highly rated supplier of water purification systems in the Netherlands. We have developed our own solution for sustainable wastewater treatment: NIQO Systems. Wastewater treatment plants of NIQO Systems excel because of a high operational reliability and durability. They offer the highest adaptability for any situation.

 Sustainable wastewater treatment


Treatment plants of NIQO Systems have a longer life cycle and lower power consumption than other small sewage treatment plants. Once a NIQO treatment plant reaches the end of its life cycle, all of its components will be suitable for reuse. Highlights from the study reports:

“The components built in to the system are extremely robust.”

“NIQO Systems performed without malfunctions during the entire testing period.”

“NIQO Systems respond magnificently well to any changing circumstance.”

“NIQO is ideal for use as a compact treatment plant with nitrogen elimination.”

If you want more information about our water purification system, please contact us on info@akanova.nl or +31(0)515 432 574.

 The process of wastewater treatment